GB Contract

  • Goldsboro Ballet members will maintain a high standard of discipline and assume responsibility in training, developing attitudes, behavior, and generally accepted appearance of the future dancer. Company members are expected to maintain a weight acceptable to the dancer. Dancers must maintain good health habits at all times. Company members must not smoke, drink, or be connected with drug usage. Company members must no be involved in any crimes and must not be involved in any cases against them.
  • Ages 5-7 are expected to maintain ballet classes on a one day a week basis. Ages 8 and up are expected to take the full ballet curriculum - twice a week of ballet/pre-pointe or pointe classes, 90% attendance required of all dancers throughout the year. Records will be kept weekly.
  • Official levels include: Ages 5-7 Pre-Support Ages 8-9 Support Ages 10-12 Apprentices Ages 13 and up Company. * Those not meeting the standard will be support level to Nutcracker only.
  • Audition and membership fees will be Pre-Support (one ballet class weekly) $40. Support and Apprentice (two ballet classes weekly) $70 (second child takes $10 off) Company $85. If not accepted, $15 will be kept for the audition class, the balance returned. Dancers are required to keep up with all scheduling, posted on GB bulletin board.
  • Three excused absences are allowed, upon approval of director. Two classes missed constitute one absence. The Director will inform any dancer who has not met the attendance standards and who is jeopardy of losing membership status. Two excused absences are allowed all other levels. All absences must be pre-arranged with the Director. Mandatory Rehearsals are unexcusable and parts may be forfeited if an absence occurs.
  • All dancers must agree to accept roles assigned. All casting decisions are final and non-negotiable. Decisions by the director are not to be discussed by any party by phone or in person. Dancers must be neatly groomed and follow all rules of make-up and hairstyle that are standard in the classical school for all classes, rehearsals and performances. GB dancers must uphold the image of a semi-professional dancer wherever they go, realizing they always represent GB.
  • Professionalism from each dancer is expected at all times and in all circumstances. Dancers are expected to work in class and rehearsal at 100% of their capabilities. The Director, teachers, and guest choreographers will accept nothing less and have the authority to dismiss any dancer from class or rehearsal not working to his/her full capacity. Should a dancer withdraw or miss a rehearsal, he/she must first inform the Director.
  • Parents and dancers pledge to support the Goldsboro Ballet and the members therein with the understanding that any contribution is for the further development of ballet as a performing art form in the Goldsboro-Wayne County area. The Executive Director has the right to pursue dismissal of any dancer/volunteer not meeting the standards as set forth by Goldsboro Ballet.
  • Parents must actively serve as volunteers on the pre-production committees and the production committees.
  • Dancers who drop out may not re-apply the following calendar year unless the parents and the student meet with Mrs. Wingate to pursue amends.
  • Dancers must maintain a high image, as they must understand wherever they go or what they do reflects on the Goldsboro Ballet. Grades at school must be maintained to the family expectations.
  • All costumes belong to Goldsboro Ballet and must be returned within a week of any production, cleaned and clearly labeled. Soloists must sustain their own trim bills, but GB contracts this work and owns the final product. Goldsboro Ballet Director reserves the right to approve all design work and will not stage a costume unseen.
  • All dancers will be measured upon auditioning for our Costume Mistress to begin her work.
  • All tuition fees at the home school must be maintained for a dancer to participate in all programs.
  • Each Goldsboro Ballet dancer must pledge to maintain training programs in the summer in the home school and/or at an approved summer school. The School of Ballet is offering Summer Camps in June for all levels of Goldsboro Ballet dancers.
  • All Company dancers audition for membership into Goldsboro Ballet, with the understanding that they dance for all productions. All Apprentices, Support and Pre-Support levels audition for membership in to Goldsboro ballet's Nutcracker Production, with separate auditions held at a later date for other concerts.
  • All parents who have sons/daughter involved in Goldsboro Ballet pledge: A. To support all productions and sell tickets. B. To support all fundraising efforts. C. To promote the Goldsboro Ballet in any way their talents allow. D. To promote the training of a good dancer by allowing the dancer to meet all training requirements, such as being to class on time, staying the entire class, providing proper dress, providing transportation, and being a good example at all times to the future dancers. E. To actively become involved on a least one committee. F. To assist with strike, load and clean up after each performance.
  • Volunteerism for Goldsboro Ballet moves the Company forward. All involved must understand and be able to promote GB as an artistic dance group, not as a self-seeking opportunity. Dancers and the families therein must believe in the art promotion as an artistic endeavor, fully aware that the technique and qualities of every dancer will be developed to the fullest potential without question.